Iridescent’s 2008 – IN PICTURES

I have been thinking about a way to show the range of supporting activities that enable our core program (the hands-on science courses). So I made the above sketch.

I was inspired by Tufte, but I have a long way to go. I realized that especially after I came across the graphics from this amazing lab in Milan called Density Design.

The plan for the new year is to graphically report on our monthly activities, trials and accomplishments.

The illustrated monthly report would also be a way to increase accountability and transparency for donors and sponsors.

And lastly, I was toying with the idea of using the illustrated report to get some feedback from the public. Maybe potential donors could use the graph to make a more informed decision of where they would like their funds to be used (research, increasing public mindshare, recruiting, training or the courses). Then we could directly report on the use of their funds the next month.

I wonder how powerful or chaotic this strategy would be.