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Technology is bringing back the apprenticeship model. It just has a different name – Mentoring.

If you do a Google search for “Role Models”, you get 5 million results. “Mentor” yields 2.6 million results, “STEM mentors” 1.6 million and “Apprenticeship” 2.6 million.These words (and concepts) are powerful and relevant as we see a big burst of public interest. We put together a graphic in an attempt to make sense of […]

What gains do children make in curiosity, creativity and persistence over 100 hours? What age can you start?

To answer these questions, we ran a 100 hour-long summer camp – looking at nature from an engineer’s point of view. We opened the camp to a wide range of ages – all the way from 3-10. Each child was paired with an adult or a high school explainer. The main barriers for the littlest […]

A case for parents as the best science educators

We live in a society exquisitely dependent on science and technology, in which hardly anyone knows anything about science and technology. – Carl Sagan I am an aerospace engineer and I have founded a science education nonprofit, Iridescent. Our goal is to inspire children to observe the world around them, to ask questions, to try […]

What is my child learning?

As a parent you have the unique privilege of seeing your child learn over many years. If your child is very young, it is very hard to pinpoint what exactly she is learning. For instance, many times a child may not have the vocabulary to express any idea and even if she does, she may […]

How to hire great people

Its been seven years since I started Iridescent and I have learned a lot about hiring! Here are the   various stages I have gone through starting from when I had no clue. Stage 0. No Money. We ran programs on the power of volunteers and visionaries who saw the great things we could do […]