This award recognizes the Iridescent team member who has gone above and beyond in their work over the past month, and demonstrated amazing teamwork and dedication.

The November Iridescent Awesome Award is presented to Audra Torres, our Designer and Quality Manager!

Audra joined Iridescent in the summer of 2013 and has been helping develop, improve, and enforce branding for Iridescent and it’s Curiosity Machine and Technovation programs. Audra makes our educational and marketing materials easy to use and beautiful to look at, and can be counted on to create wonderful graphics that explain complex ideas in simple ways.

We’re recognizing Audra this month for her hard work and ingenuity in creating a new way to display our re-done Technovation curriculum. Audra has gone above and beyond in assisting the curriculum development team to get their work onto the website in a way that makes sense, looks good, and is easy to use.