We are proud to introduce the new Iridescent Awesome Award and our first awardee! This award recognizes the Iridescent team member who has gone above and beyond in their work over the past month, and demonstrated amazing teamwork and dedication.

The first Iridescent Awesome Award is presented to Mike Larsson, our Senior Developer!

Mike joined the Iridescent team in October 2014, and over the past two years has been a joy to work with, doing incredible work for the Curiosity Machine website and Iridescent as a whole. Over the past month, however, Mike has gone above and beyond in supporting the launch of the Technovation season and the updated Technovation website, and has saved the day time and again. Mike, we don’t like to think where we’d be without you.

Here’s what some of the Iridescent team members who work most closely with Mike have to say:

Mike has gone above and beyond to help with critical deliverables for the Technovation team, often without even being asked. His expertise and skill are beyond awesome but more than anything else it’s his team spirit and commitment that makes him a rock star and so fun to work with.
Mike has a combination of expertise and humility that make him an Awesome teacher and teammate. He’s quick to step in and help where he’s needed, eager to tackle a new problem, and always has an appropriate gif. His guidance over the past 2 years has been invaluable; Iridescent is lucky to have him!! 
I really enjoy working with Mike! I appreciate him for always making himself available to answer my questions, his patience when explaining the “behind the scenes” of the Curiosity Machine platform and always being so cool, calm and collected. Although we don’t directly work together on a regular basis, I truly appreciate him and all of his hard work. Thank you for being you, Mike! You truly make a difference! 🙂  
Mike!!! Its been such a pleasure to work with you and have you on the team! Thank you for always going above and beyond and for being such a calm team member. You have always been there for us whenever there was a fire, if our site was hacked or if someone needed access to the website. Even if it was the middle of the night, you did it. Thank you so much for your dedication! 
Congratulations Mike! And thank you for all that you do.