Iridescent – the name

Everyone asks me why did I choose the name Iridescent! So here is the answer 🙂

Iridescent means something rainbow colored, lustrous, beautiful! I believe that when you understand a particular concept, you begin to see its manifestations everywhere. So for instance, if you learn how to observe light and shadows, you suddenly begin to see the world in 3D. Or if you learn about how a bird takes in its wings in an upstroke and fans them out in a downstroke, you then see the same mechanisms in swimmers, turtles and other biomechanical forms of movement.

So the world becomes very interesting, beautiful and multi-colored. It becomes Iridescent 🙂
My husband Tim came up with the name one morning after we had biked and had spent a good 3-4 hours listing names! The sad part is that only 20 people can spell it!

And the airplane in our logo comes from this airplane that one of our first students designed and flew!

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