We will miss you Ruben!

Ruben Medrano was an amazing force – full of positive energy and cheerfulness. You would never guess by his enthusiasm that he battled and won herculean obstacles – every day.
He came to the Social Innovation Fast Pitch event in November 2008, approached Kara and asked to be involved with what we did. Very soon after he started helping us out by translating at our Family Science Sessions. We came to rely on Ruben to be always there and to be an amazing bridge between the engineering instructors and the families. He was always smiling and cheerful and eager to be part of all the action.
He helped translate at Norwood Elementary and then at Trinity St Elementary for the Cardiovascular mechanics course. He was going to translate for us at Weemes this spring semester before we lost him irretrievably.
He was and remains an inspiration to all. How can one dwell on minor grievances after meeting Ruben and experiencing his positive energy!!
Ruben can never be forgotten.
Click here for a video of Ruben translating.

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  1. Kara
    Kara says:

    We will certainly miss you, Ruben.

    You were such a caring, funny and spirited individual. I will never forget watching you work with Cairo or one of the many students you assisted. You never let your own challenges stand in the way of being hugely generous with others.

    Thank you.


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