Advice for mentors: 9 tips to help you become a better mentor for girls in tech

Mentors are invaluable! Mentors help their mentees set and achieve goals and act as a sounding board for solutions to tricky problems, and crucially, over time mentors can help their mentees develop their confidence and self-esteem. For young people in particular, mentors can model positive traits and skills around problem solving, conflict resolution, and resilience, and can provide a look into professional workplaces that students might be curious about but unfamiliar with. As the 2019 Technovation season kicked off in January, there are many first-time mentors around the world jumping into the adventure of mentoring girls in tech (or getting started through other programs thanks to National Mentoring Month). It’s an exhilarating and rewarding experience, but it can also be intimidating. For encouragement and guidance, we collected advice for mentors from the people who know best: actual Technovation mentors. Here are some of our favorite “mentorisms”:

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