The General AI Challenge: An Interview with Marek Rosa

Tara Chklovski: Thanks for doing this. Can you tell me a bit about the area you’re working in and what types of problems you’re looking to solve? Marek Rosa: I have two areas: One is computer game development and the other is AI.  Regarding AI, my interest lies in trying to develop general artificial intelligence […]

A new way of doing AI research — A conversation with François Chollet

TC: How can children learn more about AI? FC: One fun way to get started is to build very simple video games in JavaScript or modify an existing game. There’s a very low barrier to entry and it can be a gateway to learning about AI, because once you have a video game, you can try to […]

From social media to medicine: applications of machine learning with Katherine Heller

Tara Chklovski:  I’d love to learn a little bit about your research. What area, topic, and problem are you working on? Katherine Heller:  In an applied sense, I do research on a couple of different areas. In a methodological sense, it’s really one thing. I’ve done a bunch of work related to social science and […]

Creative Imaginative Robots – A conversation with Ryota Kanai

Tara Chklovski: What problem are you working on? Ryota Kanai: We are an AI startup and we work with big companies and help them solve their problems. Most of the problems are related to image recognition. For example, one of the projects was a very Japanese one – to count the number of tuna in […]

Computational Drug Discovery: An Interview with Dr. Anne Carpenter

Tara Chklovski: What problem are you working on? Anne Carpenter: My group is developing software to accelerate drug discovery. Normally a researcher works on a single disease, devoting her entire life to studying it. We are working on a general software tool for image analysis. You may wonder why we need image analysis to cure […]

Intelligent Music: Emilia Gómez on Big Data and Making Music More Accessible

In our ongoing AI in Your Community series, I spoke with Emilia Gómez, a researcher on music information retrieval—an interdisciplinary area dealing with music and artificial intelligence. She works at the Music Technology Group, Universitat Pompeu Fabra in Barcelona, Spain. Tara Chklovski: What problem are you currently working on? Emilia Gómez: My research deals with […]

Matching Real Solutions to Real Needs — Dr. Carolyn Rosé on Conversation-Improving AI and Collaborative Learning

Tara Chklovski: What is your current work? Carolyn Rosé: I work in the area of education, trying to apply artificial intelligence techniques to support students’ learning. In particular, I’m trying to identify characteristics of people that would make them work well together and then connecting them. So we very much are not trying to replace […]

Learning how Natural Language Processing is helping us understand ourselves better: An Interview with Rada Mihalcea

Tara Chklovski: What problem are you trying to solve? Rada Mihalcea: I work in Artificial Intelligence, and then within that, Natural Language Processing (NLP) which is about building computer programs that deal with language. A traditional NLP example (that I am not working on), is machine translation — through which text in one language, say […]