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An Interview with Chelsea Finn: AI for Robotics

As part of our AI in Your Community series, I had the chance to speak to Chelsea Finn, a PhD student at UC Berkeley currently doing work with machine learning and robotics. Through her work she teaches robots how to perform tasks in multiple environments, with the goal of having these robots perform tasks for […]

An Interview with Julita Vassileva: Artificial Intelligence and Online Communities

As part of our AI in Your Community series, I recently spoke with Julita Vassileva, a professor in Computer Science at the University of Saskatchewan who is currently focused on building successful online communities and social computing applications. Julita Vassileva is particularly interested in user participation and user modeling, as well as user motivation and […]

Elizabeth Clark: Creative Writing with AI

As part of our AI in Your Community series, I spoke to Elizabeth Clark, who won the Amazon Alexa Prize for her work with Sounding Board, a social bot. Elizabeth is studying natural language processing and working on tools for collaborative storytelling. Tara Chklovski: Tell me a little bit about what you’re working on. Elizabeth […]

Virtual humans and decision-making: A conversation with Stacy Marsella

As part of our ongoing AI In your Community series, I talked to Stacy Marsella, professor in the College of Computer and Information Science at Northeastern University and the Psychology Department. Professor Marsella’s research is grounded in computational modeling of human cognition, emotion, and social behavior as well as evaluation of those models. Tara Chklovski: […]

Game Theory and Machine Learning: An Interview with Fei Fang

As part of our AI in Your Community series, I sat down with Fei Fang, an Assistant Professor in the Institute for Software Research in the School of Computer Science at Carnegie Mellon University. She works on game theory and machine learning, researching the strategic behavior of multiple agents, which has applications to many societal challenges […]