Bio•Bots curriculum is a project- based learning opportunity for students to build a mechanical robot inspired by nature. This work was developed in collaboration with roboticist Ian Ingram.

Students learn how to build and recognize basic mechanisms, how to observe nature like a scientist, the basics of circuitry, and how to use a micro-controller. Bio•bots can be used in any educational setting with a wide range of age groups, but we recommend spending at least 60 hours working with your students in an after school setting.

The Educator Guide, Student Workbook, and Hardware Guide lead you and your students through the process of learning and inventing your own nature-inspired robots. Video tutorials and precise instructions are given, and many materials needed are inexpensive and widely accessible.

Much of this curriculum is supported by Curiosity Machine, where students can share their designs for additional feedback and mentorship from scientists and engineers. Please connect with us if you have any questions (we also love sharing pictures of student inventions!)

Email [email protected] or [email protected]

Have fun inventing together!