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About the Challenge

Technovation Challenge is the largest and longest-running global technology competition exclusively for girls to inspire the pursuit of STEM (science, technology, engineering and math).

In Technovation, girls work in teams to develop innovative mobile apps that solve problems in their local communities. Girls are supported by an advisor at their school or community site, as well as women mentors from the technology industry who teach them the basics of coding, user-interface design, market research and entrepreneurship. The program culminates in a World Pitch event each spring, where regional finalists compete to win $10,000 in funding for their app.

We know that today’s teenage girls are the next generation of entrepreneurs, and teaching them to program multiplies their power in the marketplace. We’re working to close the gender gap in computer science by teaching girls how to code and how to be successful entrepreneurs. Through our program, we’ve learned that when girls get together with friends and have access to technology, their creativity and problem-solving skills expand exponentially.

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Iridescent is a 501c3 non-profit that helps scientists, engineers and technology professionals to share their passion with children from underrepresented groups. We believe that children who are encouraged to be curious, daring, and driven stand the best chance at success in life.

Dr. Anuranjita Tewary founded Technovation Challenge in 2009 after attending Startup Weekend. Dr. Tewary wanted to offer girls the opportunity to learn how to start a company and become high-tech entrepreneurs. Technovation Challenge has doubled in size every year since it started.

The program began in 2010 in Mountain View, CA with 45 girls and over the past three years has reached nearly 1400 girls in 24 states and 19 countries. Technovation students have programmed 163 mobile phone apps and learned to launch a startup company. 94% of these girls are now interested in a career in technology.

We want to build a movement of mighty women who tackle the world’s biggest problems, and need your support to scale up. Our goal is to annually engage 200,000 girls worldwide in Technovation Challenge and give them powerful experiences that help them become leaders and inventors.

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