4 Technovation girls pitch their app ideas on stage at INCO’s Impact2

This year we are thrilled to join INCO’s Impact² event, where 4 amazing Technovation alums will be sharing their visions for a more sustainable world. INCO’s Impact² is a global event for social entrepreneurs with the goal of “generating economically innovative solutions to meet the social challenges of our times.” We are beyond proud of the amazing young women stepping on stage in Paris to share their ideas with global business leaders, policy-makers and entrepreneurs – get to know them:

Nadin Tamer – Imprint

Age: 17
Country: Turkey

Nadin developed Imprint, an iOS application that helps users adopt a greener lifestyle by giving them eco-friendly missions with real-life rewards. Users earn points by completing missions (such as using a coffee mug instead of a paper/plastic cup or cycling instead of driving) and can redeem their points at Imprint partner businesses.

What sparked the idea for Imprint?

“We noticed that although the majority of the population is aware of climate change and its threats by now, only a few people are actively working to counter it. Since improving our planet’s condition has to be a collective effort in order to be effective, we wanted to make an app that would give users incentive to improve the environment in simple ways. If everybody makes small changes within their own community, these steps will add up to make a significant difference. Think globally, act locally.”

Saaniya Saraf – Tapp Water

Age: 15
Country: Canada

Saaniya developed Tapp Water, an app that aims to address the detrimental impacts of plastic water bottles on the environment. Tapp Water helps users find the water fountain nearest to them as an easy and eco-friendly alternative to using plastic water bottles.

What sparked the idea for Tapp Water?

“At my first Technovation workshop my team and I looked around and noticed the multitude of plastic water bottles surrounding us, some half empty and others crumpled up on the ground. We thought, if this small room alone has so many plastic water bottles, what could this mean for the world?”

Praise David-Oku – Discardious

Age: 20
Country: Nigeria

Praise David helped develop Discardious, a mobile application that solves the problem of inefficient and indiscriminate waste disposal. It allows users tp request a mobile cart to pick up their waste, trade waste products, report waste-related hazards, and learn basic recycling ideas.

What sparked the idea for Discardious?

“I was interested in this app idea because there was no effective and efficient waste disposal system. People dispose of their waste materials by roadsides and inside gutters – blocking the drainage system and causing environmental and health hazards.”

Sravya Mikkilineni – Sea Saver

Age: 11
Country: USA

Sravya – Inco's Impact 2 2019

Sravya helped create Sea Saver, a game-based educational app designed to teach kids about the impacts of ocean pollution on our environment in a fun way. The app makes the player answer mini quizzes to collect points, which can be used to advance levels in the game. The app also provides multimedia content to help players learn and answer more advanced quizzes, which contributes to the overall learning.

What sparked the idea for Sea Saver?

“I have always been a nature lover and have huge fascination for all forms of life in general. Seeing a picture of a sea turtle tangled in plastic on a beach, about to die, showed me the severity of the water pollution problem and as I learned more about plastics and ocean pollution, I realized how destructive it really is. That sea turtle and many other species are dying every day because of us, as we are ignorantly contributing to the problem, and we need a viable solution to stop it.”

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