Monica Gragg joined Iridescent in September of 2015 as Community Partnerships Manager. In her time with Iridescent, Monica has developed numerous online courses and developed new and improved mentorship programs for both Curiosity Machine and Technovation. Monica is also a member of the Team Building Committee and brings her infectious energy, enthusiasm, and humor to every meeting. We don’t know what we’d do without you Monica!

Monica has the type of personality lights up a room. She instantly makes you feel special and welcome in your interactions with her. Whenever I leave a conversation with Monica I instantly am in a better mood; she makes my day. On top of her everyday warmth and kindness, Monica has transformed the mentorship component of Technovation. She has singlehandedly formed a robust professional development experience for mentors and has created an inclusive and broad community of mentors from over 100 countries. She’s a valuable member of our team who provides great insight, perspective, and knowledge on how Technovation could or should operate in regions around the world. Her attention to detail and thoroughness helps our program run efficiently and smoothly.

– Katie Morton

Monica! You are a STRONG WOMAN! And such an amazing role model for all of us. You make Iridescent such a fun place to be and I absolutely look forward to every call with you!

— Tara Chklovski



You are such an energetic and dependable colleague – I absolutely love working with you. You bring so much life to our virtual meetings, helping us all feel connected and welcome. I have really enjoyed our time here at Iridescent together, and look forward to seeing our programs grow in scale and quality thanks to your work!
Keep it up, dude.
— Karla Readshaw