Iridescent’s Impact in 2017 and Goals for 2018

In 2017 we provided support for ~35,000 participants from 7,000+ organizations.

We also focused on three areas:

  1. training and supporting partners
  2. collecting and analyzing impact data and
  3. sharing formative evaluation results with partners quickly enough to improve the next round of implementations.

In 2017 we systematized learning gain data collection, analysis, and reporting.

We are excited to share our lessons and insights across this collection of 12 reports:

Curiosity Machine

  • Can a parent engagement model scale?
  • Will in-person program participants move to an online platform?
  • What do children learn over 100 hours?
  • What do families learn in 6-10 hours (internal and external evaluations)
  • What can we learn from student portfolios?
  • What do mentors gain?


  • 5-year lookback study results
  • Comparison of learning gains between different countries?
  • Analysis of the different types of Technovation Apps
  • Correlation between App Scores and student learning gains
  • Impact on mentors
  • Impact on students

In 2018 we commit to being more transparent in our impact reporting

We will only count dosage of 6 hours or above in our impact numbers, as our work with the Center for Research on Lifelong Learning indicates that behavioral changes only occur after at least 6 hours of participation in our programs.

We also commit to collecting, analyzing, and sharing learning gains and program impact data—highlighting retention  and attrition at each stage—on a quarterly basis.

In 2018 we are launching the Curiosity Machine AI Family Challenge