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STEM SUPERHEROES: Meet Ms. Moreno, the 4th grade teacher changing the way parents see technology

112th Street STEAM Academy is an elementary school located in one of the poorest areas of Los Angeles. For most of its 50 year history, 112th Street has been a typical public elementary school, but faced the additional challenges that come with serving an area affected by generational poverty and disenfranchisement. The school recently became […]

How you can explore new technology together as a family: Mother-Daughter AI Innovators in Detroit

 Christina is 9 years old. She loves dancing, art, and science, and every morning she recites her own affirmations to remind herself of her inner strength and values. Dina is Christina’s mom. She encourages and supports Christina to try new things, reminds her of her beauty and her intelligence, and helps find new opportunities […]

Kasia Muldner: Artificial Intelligence and Student Learning

As part of our AI in your Community Series, I recently had the opportunity to sit down with Kasia Muldner, an assistant professor in the Institute of Cognitive Science at Carleton University. She works with intelligent tutoring systems to better understand student learning, problem solving, and creativity and the factors that affect them. Tara Chklovski: […]

Family Interest in Artificial Intelligence

Parents Look For Ways to “Tech-Proof” Their Family for Impact of Artificial Intelligence A recent study commissioned by Iridescent reveals 86% of parents want new ways to learn critical computer skills outside traditional classrooms such as taking a class, joining a club, or participating in events for more guidance on at-home education. The online study, […]