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Charter vs. Non-Charter schools

In the past three years we have worked in 24 non-charter and 8 charter schools. This is roughly representative of the percentage of charter schools in LAUSD (148 out of 658 schools = 22%).The table below rates the various partners (from 1-5, 1 being very poor and 5 being awesome) on the quality of administrative […]

How to build a working model of a heart using tupperware?

We are playing with a new tool (called Knoodle) that enables you to synchronize powerpoint presentations with a video. I think this is a very powerful approach.Here is an example from our cardiovascular mechanics course.<div><a href=’’>Share and annotate your videos</a> with Ulearn!</div>

Community Within the Community

For the past three years Iridescent has provided hands-on science courses at ~ 30 schools in the downtown Los Angeles area. However, in order to provide the community families with a workspace for long-term projects, we are now looking for a physical space that can be used for teaching and preparation work.In order to get […]

ALOUD Business Forum: Fresh Approaches to Branding and Marketing

So I just went to a business forum event in downtown Los Angeles. It was great! Before the details and lessons that I picked up vanish, I’m going to document. Event: ALOUD Business Forum: Fresh Approaches to Branding and MarketingLynda Resnick, in conversation with Lisa Napoli, author & journalist (Marketplace, MSNBC, NY Times) Lynda Resnick […]

And we had a little faith – and we worked on.

I think one, perhaps, is to present science as it is, as something dazzling, as something tremendously exciting, as something eliciting feelings of reverence and awe, as something that our lives depend upon. If it isn’t presented that way, if it’s presented in very dull textbook fashion, then of course people will be turned off. […]

a win-win-win situation

Thinking about pitching our program to some new branches of the University we partner with. And I can’t get out of my head why this program is so powerful, and why I feel confident convincing anyone of its worth.To me, it is a win-win-win situation. Start off with the community. They receive undergraduate role models […]