Intelligent Music: Emilia Gómez on Big Data and Making Music More Accessible

In our ongoing AI in Your Community series, I spoke with Emilia Gómez, a researcher on music information retrieval—an interdisciplinary area dealing with music and artificial intelligence. She works at the Music Technology Group, Universitat Pompeu Fabra in Barcelona, Spain. Tara Chklovski: What problem are you currently working on? Emilia Gómez: My research deals with […]


Matching Real Solutions to Real Needs — Dr. Carolyn Rosé on Conversation-Improving AI and Collaborative Learning

As part of our ongoing AI In your Community series, I sat down with Dr. Carolyn Rosé, Professor at Carnegie Mellon University’s Language Technologies Institute and Human-Computer Interaction Institute, to learn about her artificial intelligence research and advice for children and families starting to learn AI. Tara Chklovski: What is your current work? Carolyn Rosé: […]


Working Together on Technology for Good: AI Learning Advice from Dr. Marie desJardins

As part of our ongoing AI In your Community series, I sat down with Dr. Marie desJardins, Associate Dean and Professor of Computer Science at University of Maryland Baltimore County, to learn about her artificial intelligence research and curriculum development. Marie was chosen to be one of the eight fellows at AAAI-18: the Thirty-Second AAAI […]


“A combination of curiosity and confidence”: A conversation with John Maloney

Every summer, Alan’s group got together with  Mitch Resnick’s MIT Media Lab group at an old farm in New Hampshire for something they called the Apple Hill Learning Lab. We’d talk about learning in general  and share ideas we were working on. In 2002,  Mitch Resnick described a project he was just starting called Scratch. […]


Children and Families Solving Problems Using AI: A Conversation with Paul Yarin

Tara: What inspires you? Paul Yarin: I am inspired by complicated problems and people who successfully navigate the complexity of the world. It could be a technical product, company, or movement in the arts. How did electronic dance music become such a thing? Or the electric guitar and rock ‘n’ roll? As a collection of […]