The Gravity Ether is now live! Find it on the App Store, or download the Desktop app right here! (version 1.0)







You can also find more info about the Ethers series, or learn about what an ether is.

What is The Gravity Ether?

Fly through outer space, where zero gravity is the norm and planets’ masses are constantly pulling each other into crazy orbits and collisions.  This is the world of our universe, shrunk down and brought to your screen in The Gravity Ether.  Planets will drift aimlessly through the expanse of space, unless you control their motion by creating and destroying black holes with the tap of your finger.

As with all the Ethers games, your objectives are simple: break blocks, collect coins, force the planets into collisions or high velocity. But you can’t tap or push on planets directly, you can only do so through manipulating the gravitational ether, through smart placement of black holes. Think you have what it takes to survive in space? If you do, show everyone your prowess by making your own challenging levels, using the built-in level-editor.


Want to learn more about gravity? We’ve got just the activities for you!

Check out this activity about building a space-themed Rube Goldberg machine. We also have two great activities related to the parts of the Rube Goldberg machine, on building a self-powered rocket or designing a gravity well.  You can also make your own space tools, designed to work in the low gravity situations that astronauts have to deal with.  Or you can engineer a lunar lander that can safely buffer the effects of gravity to land on a surface.

Info for teachers and educators

Hey teachers! We are making this game for you, and we’d love to have you test the game out and give us feedback on how to make it better. We have a strong philosophy and track record of inquiry-based education. This game is not a curriculum or a lesson plan, but rather a tool that supports inquiry and project-based instructional techniques.  Like many tools, we expect it to be hacked and broken, meaning used in many different ways by many different teachers.  This game can and should be customized to your classroom.

But don’t worry, we aren’t leaving you out to dry! We’ve made a dashboard so that you can see your student’s progress and learning as they play the game. And this fall we will be holding professional development sessions in select locations around the country and we will be posting some starter resources to support classroom use of the game. To stay up to date on these items, join our mailing list below.

Here’s a quick preview of the teacher dashboard we created, that let’s you monitor your student’s progress and learning as they play.

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