“A combination of curiosity and confidence”: A conversation with John Maloney

Every summer, Alan’s group got together with  Mitch Resnick’s MIT Media Lab group at an old farm in New Hampshire for something they called the Apple Hill Learning Lab. We’d talk about learning in general  and share ideas we were working on. In 2002,  Mitch Resnick described a project he was just starting called Scratch. […]

Assistive Technologies and finding the right problems to solve: a conversation on AI with Maja Matarić

Tara Chklovski: What inspires you? Maja Matarić: I don’t think I always knew what inspired me, but have now finally realized that what really motivates and drives me is helping the underdog. I realized I am just a person who really wants to feel like they’re helping someone – and that’s how I came to discover assistive […]

Persevering Through the Unknown: My Conversation on Emotion AI and Problem Solving with Emily Mower Provost

Tara Chklovski: What inspires you? Emily Mower Provost: The idea that we can use technology to understand people. Technology gives us new ways to learn about how humans communicate. It allows us to tackle the unknown. Advances in technology allow us to focus on problems that were previously deemed too difficult to handle. For example, […]

Children and Families Solving Problems Using AI: A Conversation with Paul Yarin

Tara: What inspires you? Paul Yarin: I am inspired by complicated problems and people who successfully navigate the complexity of the world. It could be a technical product, company, or movement in the arts. How did electronic dance music become such a thing? Or the electric guitar and rock ‘n’ roll? As a collection of […]

Open Letter to Iridescent Mentors

A version of this letter was shared on Iridescent’s blog and with its community of volunteer mentors, all of whom are professional engineers and scientists. As Iridescent’s model has developed we have faced challenges with finding the right role for mentors in online learning and blended learning environments. I wanted to share my gratitude and […]