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Learning how Natural Language Processing is helping us understand ourselves better: An Interview with Rada Mihalcea

As part of our ongoing AI In your Community series, I sat down with Dr Rada Mihalcea, a computer scientist and Director of the AI lab at the University of Michigan, known for her work in Natural Language Processing and  Computational Social Sciences (including computational humor!). Tara Chklovski: What problem are you trying to solve? […]

“A combination of curiosity and confidence”: A conversation with John Maloney

Every summer, Alan’s group got together with  Mitch Resnick’s MIT Media Lab group at an old farm in New Hampshire for something they called the Apple Hill Learning Lab. We’d talk about learning in general  and share ideas we were working on. In 2002,  Mitch Resnick described a project he was just starting called Scratch. […]

Assistive Technologies and finding the right problems to solve: a conversation on AI with Maja Matarić

Tara Chklovski: What inspires you? Maja Matarić: I don’t think I always knew what inspired me, but have now finally realized that what really motivates and drives me is helping the underdog. I realized I am just a person who really wants to feel like they’re helping someone – and that’s how I came to discover assistive […]

The Creative Workforce of Tomorrow: A Conversation on AI with Katherine Barr

 A few weeks ago, I spoke with Founding Partner at Wildcat Venture Partners, Katherine Barr, about ideas that disrupt markets. Katherine is a board member for WorkFusion, an automation platform that uses artificial intelligence as a superpower to reduce time and costs spent on rote and repetitive enterprise tasks and elevate people to complete more […]

Iridescent’s 2017 Impact and Goals for 2018

Iridescent is now in its 12th year, and entering a different stage in operation. Since 2006, we have been scaling our programs worldwide. This past year, we focused our efforts on building robust, responsive systems on three fronts: 1) training and supporting partners 2) collecting and analyzing impact data and 3) sharing formative evaluation results with […]

Preparing children for the 21st century workforce

By Katy Santa Maria Families sat quietly in the cafeteria, awaiting instructions. They were unsure of what to expect. When Curiosity Machine Family Science sessions began at Los Angeles’ 10th and 20th Street Elementary Schools in the Spring, it was up to University of Southern California engineering students, along with parent leaders, to build the […]