GM employee mentors families in AI Family Challenge.

Iridescent is a global engineering and technology education nonprofit  that supports diverse communities (especially girls and mothers) across the United States and the world to solve problems in their community using engineering and technology tools. For the past 13 years, Iridescent has operated in 115+ countries and engaged more than 100,000 underserved children and parents.

We offer two programs at Iridescent:

Technovation is the world’s largest global tech program for girls ages 10 to 18. Through Technovation, girls learn how to identify a problem in their community, develop a mobile app to solve it, and launch a business.

The AI Family Challenge engages underserved children and parents to address problems in their communities using AI-technologies.

In both of our programs, volunteer mentors play a critical role in supporting participants to  learn. Also, Iridescent’s programs seek to help mentors develop their own skills through mentoring and training.

As the Senior Director of External Relations & Mentor Programs, your team will strategically engage volunteer mentors and grow Iridescent’s relationships with the industry partners they represent.

You will support a team that engages in the following activities:

  • Communicate with and build relationships with corporate partners (either through fundraising activities and/or through employee engagement)
  • Implement tight data collection, monitoring and analysis of fundraising and mentor engagement strategies
  • Use data to inform improvements to programs and resources (toolkits, training materials etc)
  • Execute and manage current grant deliverables that include mentor engagement
  • Update and manage the grants & reporting calendar
  • Collaborate with Iridescent’s program teams to understand their volunteer mentor needs and continuously inform/improve implementation
  • Construct, articulate, and implement annual strategic development plan

Skills required:

  • Strong data analysis abilities
  • High empathy and ability to build relationships with people
  • Ability to use data (quantitative and qualitative) to create strategic plans
  • Strong project management skills
  • 5+ years leading an experienced team to completion of complex projects
  • Excellent communication, writing & story-telling skills
  • Experience leading teams and making decisions in dynamic, high-stress situations with insufficient/uncertain information
  • Experience working with virtual teams
  • Passion for improving STEM education opportunities for children and belief in the power of mentoring
  • Organized, detail oriented, and dependable, with a customer service orientation
  • Ability to prioritize and manage multiple tasks simultaneously
  • Ability to implement initiatives from ideation to execution

How to apply:

  • Email your application materials to [email protected] Please include:
    • Your resume
    • Your cover letter
    • Screening task (see below)

Screening task

Please craft a short email (and subject line) to a potential corporate partner who had expressed interest 6 months ago in engaging their employees as mentors in our programs.

What would you say that would excite/interest/convince the partner to reply and make them want to get engaged?