Paper and pen sign in sheets are very hard to store and retrieve information from – especially when dealing with thousands. We researched various options and didn’t find anything that was secure enough or suited to our specific needs. The systems that did match our needs were built for school districts or library systems and were not within our budgets.

Our Keytag System

So we developed our own keytag system.

We recognize how difficult it is for nonprofits to keep track of attendance and learning data. In addition most nonprofits lack the technological expertise to create software tools. So we put up our code on github for anyone to use. Please make sure you give us credit if you use it.

Next Steps

We want to integrate a child’s learning in our face to face programs and what she learns through our online Curiosity Machine platform. Here is a video illustrating how we would integrate both the keytag system and the Curiosity Machine platform to capture evidence of learning.

Please excuse the typos and simplicity of questions. We outsourced the software development.