At Iridescent, we focus on helping young people develop the skills and traits they’ll need to succeed later in life — particularly life-long learning, curiosity, and adaptability. Looking ahead, it isn’t difficult to see that all three of those traits will come into play as we develop more and more complex artificial intelligence.

There’s a lot of fear and uncertainty around Artificial Intelligence at the moment. As computers get faster and more powerful, training data sets will get larger, the tooling around them will get more accessible and more and more tasks we previously understood to be too messy for anyone but humans to perform will be tackled by computers.

Which presents us with the question at the heart of our sci-fi fears: What will be left for us to do? What should we teach our children to prepare for?

We should prepare children to be life-long learners — to continuously develop new skills and refine old ones, to change alongside their industries and to adapt to new uses for machines.

We’re preparing young people to adapt to whatever the future may hold