Iridescent is a science and engineering education non-profit that reaches thousands of young people worldwide and teaches curiosity, creativity, and persistence. We were founded in 2007 and are developing programs and tools to bring science and engineering education opportunities to underserved communities.

We are looking for a curriculum developer to develop tinkering activities that use everyday materials and demonstrate science and engineering concepts. This person should be comfortable with science concepts, enjoy tinkering, be able to work closely with professional scientists and engineers and be able to adapt to a fast moving working environment.

Job Description:

  • Train and work with professional engineers and scientists to communicate their work clearly and effectively
  • Develop hands on engineering challenges
  • Create content for students of all ages, ranging from kindergarten to high school
  • Develop innovative curriculum around new technologies like artificial intelligence
  • Manage projects from beginning to end
  • Write scripts for kid-friendly science videos
  • Work with graphic designers to illustrate and animate science content for videos
  • Other responsibilities as needed can include: direct program implementation, partnership management and training experts, mentors and educators (in-person & virtually)
  • Occasional travel as necessary

Skills Preferred:

  • Background in science or engineering
  • Comfortable tinkering (check out Curiosity Machine for some examples)
  • Desire and willingness to learn about new fields of science and engineering
  • Comfortable working in dynamic, changing environments
  • Comfortable working with professional scientists and engineers
  • Strong communication skills, including science communication and public speaking
  • Experience working with and teaching kids
  • Comfortable working with a team

To Apply

  1. Explore Curiosity Machine ( Be sure to check under the “guide” as well. Please start with the free design challenges.
  2. Create a prompt for a design challenge that best illustrates at least one science concept of this paper.
  3. Prototype at least one solution to the prompt. (Remember that it should be a building activity and require everyday materials e.g. not a 3D printer)
    1. Write down your thought process and plans as well as a sketch of your prototype.
    2. Film a short instructional video on how to build your prototype. (30-60 seconds)
    3. Document your design by creating a write up that explains the design challenge and the scientific concepts children will learn by doing it. Include pictures to support if necessary.
    4. Share your final design challenge, write up, and instructional video that could be published on CM as well as your documentation of the thinking and tinkering process.
  4. Write a paragraph which summarizes the science behind the research paper in a way that can be understood by a middle school aged child.
  5. Submit all materials to

Download a PDF version of this job description