Join Technovation as a mentor and Lead the Change by supporting a team of young women as they learn programming and entrepreneurship skills.

Who are mentors?

Mentors are professionals who feel comfortable supporting teams of girls to participate in Technovation. They learn with their teams and help them problem solve, while also supervising girls through their journey.

  • Mentors can be teachers, parents, community leaders, or professionals.
  • Mentors do not need to be tech professionals (although it’s great if you do have  tech expertise!)
  • Mentors can work with a local team in-person, or be a virtual mentor to a team anywhere in the world

How it works

What you’ll need:

A Team

You’ll need a team of up to 5 amazing girls to mentor. While working with a team isn’t required for students, we believe the Technovation Challenge is more educational, inspirational, and all-around fun experience if approached as a group. Connect with a team online after you register, or recruit other girls in your area!

Time Commitment

About 50 hours over the season; recruit and supervise students, coordinate speakers and meeting space, ensure internet and computer access, and oversee teams as they complete the curriculum.

Iridescent provides training to Technovation mentors. This training covers how to use and support girls using App Inventor, how to offer ongoing support to young women, and how to support teams using the curriculum regardless of your familiarity with technology or programming.