Global Ambassadors

Technovation Global Ambassadors are the volunteers who have gone above and beyond in their support to Technovation and to empowering women. This page is dedicated to our ambassadors to show our gratitude and acknowledge their tremendous efforts.

Deborah Berebichez

Deborah Berebichez is the first Mexican woman to obtain a physics Ph.D. from Stanford University. She is the co-host of two science TV shows with National Geographic and Discovery International and has been recognized by the WSJ, Oprah, Dr Oz, CNN, TED, DLD, WIRED and others. She is a public speaker, physicist and Vice President of Risk Analysis at Wall St’s risk firm MSCI. Ms. Berebichez has done scientific research in the area of waves and invented highly effective techniques in the fields of wireless communications and nanotechnology. In addition to her work in physics and finance, Ms. Berebichez’ passion is to empower young people to learn science and to improve the state of STEM education (science, technology, engineering and math) in the world. She is leading a new way of educating the public by providing friendly programs that deliver scientific content in easy and engaging ways. Ms. Berebichez runs initiatives to inspire and encourage young people to learn about science and technology in fun ways. She measures success by seeing how young women gain economic independence and improve their self-esteem after participating in science & technology programs. After attending Brandeis University as a Wien International Scholar where she earned highest honors and Summa Cum Laude in a B.A. in both physics and philosophy, she was an NSF Postdoctoral Fellow in the Applied Physics and Applied Math department at Columbia University and at NYU’s Courant Institute of Applied Mathematics. She continues to do social service by mentoring and empowering girls across the world. Hear Ms. Berebichez share her personal story here.

Anar Simpson

Anar is the founder of Parallel Earth a social media start-up that
brings a rich media presence to real-life events. Her career in
technology took root in the Oil & Gas industry in Calgary, Canada
after which she had several roles in academia with a technology focus
until she moved to Silicon Valley.
As the Global Ambassador for Technovation Challenge, Anar has raised
awareness of the program and forged partnerships with aligned agencies
and institutions worldwide. To date the partnerships have included:
the Aga Khan Education Board Canada, U.S. State Department’s TechWomen initiative, member institutions of the UN Women program, Women in Technology Nigeria, with many more in the pipeline. Understanding the fit between technology literacy programs, high schools, and women’s organizations is key to bringing Technovation to every girl around the world.

Camila Achutti

Camila is a Brazilian dreamer that loves technology and entrepreneurship, that’s why she’s going to be a computer scientist from University of São Paulo. She desires that every girl in the world discover the power of science and technology. While blogging about Women in Computing, she got in touch with Technovation Challenge, and now it’s working to make this happen in Brazil!