Software Engineer

Flexible, remote position

Iridescent is looking for software engineers to design and build educational tools to inspire and equip the next generation of scientist and engineers.

We are at a very crucial point in our growth and are looking for courageous and visionary team member to support us build for our Technology Development team, strategy, and tool set. Our roadmap includes:

  • Build a “kickstarter+Scratch” style community forum to connect our Technovation program’s participants with mentors, potential funders and other resources

  • Build a keytag attendance system to track participation in our in-person programs

You would be responsible for:

  • Lead the development of key tag system, our attendance tracking system that includes desktop registration software and a web interface for admin

  • Work closely with Iridescent’s digital education team on the design of the new Curiosity Machine website

  • Maintenance of the current Beta version of the Curiosity Machine.

Skills required:

  • New Grad or at least 1 year of web development experience

  • Expertise in common front-end engineering languages including PHP, Javascript, HTML, and MySQL. Bonus for Rails.

  • Collection of  relevant projects in your portfolio

  • A passion for software and education, as well as a desire to change the world

  • Entrepreneurial spirit

  • A strong desire to build the best product

To Apply:

Please complete the following screening task (here is our rationale on why we ask candidates to invest the time upfront)

  • If you were to start working on the Curiosity Machine website tomorrow, what are the two primary features that you would improve in the next month. Describe these new features in two ways. First, provide a technical description of how you would implement those changes, with enough detail for another web developer to understand what you would do. Second, describe the changes in a non-technical language (for the Iridescent team), and tell them why you chose those two features over others.

  • Please send your resume, link to relevant projects and cover letter to

About Iridescent

Iridescent is a data-driven science education nonprofit that believes in using cutting-edge technology to iterate quickly and find scalable solutions to the largest global problems in science education. We connect scientists and engineers with underprivileged children to create and invent together through both face-to-face programs and technology-based tools (online courses, interactive websites and physics simulation games). We have science studios in Los Angeles and New York. Our team also work remotely from other areas such as Chicago and the San Francisco Bay Area.