Explainers are role models who help children experience science as something creative, fun, and empowering.

The Explainer internship program is an opportunity for high school students to learn about engineering, mentor younger students, meet with professional engineers, and visit engineering labs and universities while continuing to build increasingly hands-on projects themselves.

Explainers build their resumes and engage in community service, inspiring children to explore and understand science.

The students are part of Iridescent Science Studio staff, acting as guides to younger students with hands-on interactive activities for programs such as Be An Inventor and Family Science.

They undergo weekly training sessions to develop their leadership and communication skills while also deepening their science and engineering knowledge and developing an appreciation for the process of learning.

Some schools may offer science course credit for being an Explainer, and top Explainers can be promoted to paid internship instructor positions.

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Next Be an Inventor course is going to be in the Spring 2014 in our studios in Los Angeles and New York.