Join us in our work to inspire and equip underserved children to imagine, invent and engineer.

We will provide you with Professional Development training on how to most effectively use our curriculum and resources and integrate them into your classroom, program, or club. We will teach you how to run sessions for the Curiosity Machine, and suggest ways to include our Ethers games into your curriculum and make the most of its teacher dashboard.

You don’t need to be an expert with an extensive background in science or engineering to run our programs–you’ll connect your community with the design challenges, STEM content, and mentors we’ll provide.

If you’re interested in learning more, join us for our professional development trainings.

Current Partners

We’re currently partnering with the Los Angeles Public Library and the Chicago Public Library.

“These programs were enormously popular with home day caregivers, families, and kids in the library using computers.  We had many audience members that returned regularly.  We think these programs are higher quality and more engaging than a typical story/craft program.  In addition, they appeal to a wider audience age, generate more excitement, can be competitive and are more likely to encourage return visits.”

LibrarianChicago Public Library

The program was really enjoyed by all who participated!!  It was so fun to watch as they discovered and learned from one another and came up with some really GREAT ideas!  One mom, who home schools her kids, told me her kids would spend hours on the site after each program.

LibrarianChicago Public Library