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Los Angeles Team

Amy Kim, Senior Director of Family Science Programs
Amy is trained as a physical chemist with a strong passion for improving STEM education in an informal setting. While in graduate school, along with her exciting research in developing microscopes and image analysis tools, she became interested in finding a career path where scientists can give back to their communities. She participated in a science policy fellowship at the National Academy of Sciences where she learned how to effectively communicate science and the impact that can have on policy making. Since moving to Los Angeles, she has been very active in the science education scene. She was the STEM Program Manager at the Girl Scouts of Greater Los Angeles and then the Senior Associate Director of Women in Engineering Programs at the Viterbi School of Engineer at USC. She has been volunteering at Iridescent since 2010 on various projects from Family Science Nights, Science Fair, and Technovation Challenge. She is really excited to join a team of people who are just as passionate as her to bring positive change in the STEM education arena. She believes that the critical thinking skills you acquire through STEM education is essential no matter what career path you choose and want to inspire the next generation to always inquire about the unknown. Amy loves to cook and also enjoys exploring Los Angeles.

Jose Medina, Parent Leader Coordinator
Jose first came to Iridescent with his family. Jose, his wife, and his three kids, Joycelyn(7), Delilah(7), and Valerie (3) participated in Family Science. Jose was so dedicated that he was offered a job running Iridescent’s Los Angeles Parent Leadership Program. Jose intends to to pursue a degree in civil engineering at Cal State LA in the fall. He has lived in LA for 22 years and graduated from Manual Arts High School. Jose studied at American Career College and was certified in medical billing and coding. He handled claim tracking, denial management, and claim auditing.

Benajamin Robles, Curiosity Courses Program Manager

Benjamin joined Iridescent as part of a community service Fellowship.  He served for six months as the Curiosity Machine program manager before joining our team.  Benjamin posses a passion for education, and a dedication to working within undeserved communities. In 2003, Benjamin enlisted in the Navy, and served honorably for 5 year as an Aviation Avionics Technician.  A Los Angeles Native, Benjamin chose to return to Southern California and pursue his degree.  In 2012, he graduated from The University Of California, Los Angeles with a bachelor’s degree in History. At the conclusion of his Fellowship, Benjamin was hired as a full-time staff member at Iridescent, and is currently the Curiosity Course Program Coordinator. He is a strong believer in the power of education as a means of enrichment, and empowerment. Benjamin is looking forward to building lasting partnerships within Southern California, and continuing to work within undeserved communities.

New York Team

Paige Teamey, Director of Engineering Education

A native of Oregon, Paige graduated from Wheaton College with a degree in both physics and environmental science. While Paige was in college she had the opportunity to work at a local middle school through an NSF grant and from there began focusing on science education. Upon graduation Paige worked for a non-profit education company, The Odyssey Project sailing on a tall ship and communicating with students throughout Europe and Japan where she realized she wanted to become a full time high school science teacher. Paige received her masters in science education from The City college and has taught the last seven years in a transfer high school in Bed-Stuy Brooklyn while participating as a S.T.E.M. fellow for the New York Hall of Science and performing research at Columbia University in nanotechnology.

Paige’s beliefs: Education unites as well as inspires a voice, an insight, and a quality of life that should be an equal right for all. Regardless of our pursuits we must invest in our communities where we can be producers of knowledge and recipients of change. Empowering youth through community partnerships will enable children and allow new visions, opportunities and a more realistic future of self-perpetuating sustainable technology.

Paige’s ultimate goal in the seven years she taught in Brooklyn was for her students to be impassioned and adhere to the following quote stated by George Washington Carver: “The ability to foresee, visualize, and create your idea in your mind is the most powerful resource you have.”

Ideas change with access to engaging learning and imaginative thinking. She looks forward to working with Iridescent and continually advocating for excellent education accessible to all. She hopes to facilitate and inspire a deeper understanding and connection to science education with youth as well as help children build healthy ideals that allow them to be dynamic citizens as future adults.

Bobby Zacharias, Director of Educational Programs
Bobby Zacharias has had a lifelong interest in science and engineering. Tinkering from a young age in the basement, he has a hard time spending less than an hour in a hardware store. He came to Iridescent from the museum field, where he focused on visitor engagement, and is always excited to help others understand and question the world around them. He believes sincerely in the power of bicycles, the always-impressive tensile strength of steel, and in the illimitable enthusiasm and neuroplasticity of the engaged curious mind!

Devin Dillon, Regional Director of New York

As an undergraduate, Devin attended the University of Kansas where she majored in English and Political Science. Through her studies in Kansas, Devin became interested in education as a human rights issue and taught for two years in Baltimore as a special educator with Teach for America. Devin completed a master’s program in Secondary Education at Johns Hopkins University, where she specialized in teaching reading fluency to teenagers with learning disabilities. Devin finds Iridescent’s strategy of engaging families for multiple years particularly powerful and enjoys working within the South Bronx community.

Kevin Miklasz, Director of Digital Curriculum Kevin comes from a back ground in and love for science. Kevin received a PhD in Biology from Stanford University, during which he spent 4 years volunteering with Iridescent as a scientist. Kevin’s passion for communicating science was really unlocked by Iridescent during those 4 years of volunteering, and he is thrilled to continue pursuing that passion by working for Iridescent. Kevin is motivated by three principles: 1) most science content can be understood by most everyone, if presented in the right way by the scientist and received in the right mindset by the audience. Most barriers to understanding are related to technical jargon and abstract reasoning, rather than anything inherent in the science. 2) There is a gap between what most people view as science, and how science is actually practiced by scientists. This “science literacy” gap can be bridged by exposing students to genuine scientific practice and practicing scientists. 3) Kids (and adults) voluntarily spend hundreds of hours learning how to play games. The game industry has in 30 years succeeded in doing what the educational industry has failed to do in 300- make learning engaging and self-sustaining. Kevin wants to explore how games and gamified learning structures can fulfill traditional roles in education. Most of all, Kevin appreciates Iridescent’s open approach to finding the best teaching method possible, rather than simply the best methods that work in a traditional, standards-constrained classroom.

Technovation Challenge Team

Jenna Blanton, Eastern Regional Director (based in Chicago)
A native of Michigan, Jenna graduated from Western Michigan  University with a degree in Environmental Science and Organizational  Communication. Soon thereafter she began working for Disability Network  Southwest Michigan, a non-profit that provides training and technical  assistance to the public. The time she spent working there changed the  course of her life. From that point forward Jenna knew that whatever she  did she wanted it to be meaningful not only for herself but for others  as well. As an AmeriCorps VISTA at the California Conservation Corps  (CCC) she lived under the motto “Hard Work, Low Pay, Miserable  Conditions…and more!”, and loved every moment of it. Her time with the  CCC was a great experience that allowed her to make a positive impact  on the lives of thousands of underserved young adults. She brings to  Iridescent this same attitude and enthusiasm.



Citlali Gonzales, Western Regional Director (based in Los Angeles)
As a young girl Citlali aspired to be an OBGYN and Marine Biologist. Despite not having mentors, school support, or the academic preparation to pursue her goals of entering the STEM field, Citlali graduated from Santa Clara University with a B.S. in Sociology and a minor in Ethnic Studies. Citlali went on to receive her M.A. in Counseling Psychology and school counseling credential from the University of San Francisco. The Jesuit values of competence, conscience and compassion instilled through her education continue to influence Citlali’s life mission of helping others. She utilized her experiences as a first-generation college graduate to help hundreds of other first generation college bound students access higher education during her time as a college guidance counselor  in the San Francisco Bay Area. She brings a passion to everything she does and works tirelessly to reform the experiences and opportunities that are afforded to underserved students and families. As a LA Marathon runner, Citlali understands hard work and what it takes to cross the finish line.

General Support Team

Tara Chklovski, Founder, CEO, Iridescent
Tara brings STEM content knowledge and executive administration abilities to the effort. She has previously worked as the principal at a 300 student K-6 school in India. She has consistently and cost-effectively doubled Iridescent’s impact every year by heavily relying on technology, synergistic partnerships, rigorous evaluation and volunteers.
Motto: “Every day, in every way, I’m getting stronger and faster.” – Santilhano
Resume. Phone.

Veronica Cavallaro, COO

Veronica brings a diverse background and significant international experience in management consulting and organization development through her work with Fortune 100 companies, NGOs and governments in Europe, Asia and the Americas to the work of Iridescent. Additionally, she spent several years consulting to government and non-governmental organizations in the areas of workforce development, information technology, transportation, education and housing. Most recently, she led the Evaluation and Research activities for corporate social responsibility programs at The Boeing Company.  Through this experience, she became familiar with the STEM education field and the significant needs and challenges of filling the future talent pipeline in these fields.  She is excited to support Iridescent’s ambitious scale up plans and help children imagine and invent solutions to build a better world.  Veronica earned her undergraduate degree in accounting from Wayne State University and completed her Master’s degree at DePaul University in Business Innovation. She is qualified as a Certified Fraud Examiner.

Mariana Rutigliano, Dissemination Director

Mariana has a degree in Social Communication from Universidade Catolica de Santos, Brazil. She brings to Iridescent a 6 years experience in Marketing and Communication for the consumer goods industry in the global company Unilever. She decided to gave her career a different path when she moved from São Paulo to Los Angeles to study Global Sustainability, at UCLA, with the objective to orient her skills to a more meaningful objective. She found at Iridescent the perfect opportunity to spread the message that knowledge is powerful for millions of students around the world and support them in finding a different life perspective.

Cristiano Meira, Producer
With 10 years of experience in the production of commercial films and video clips in São Paulo, Brazil, Cristiano has worked in several areas of the movie industry from the set to the post-production. He moved to Los Angeles to learn new visual effects techniques and software at the Gnomon School. Currently, he works for the Hollywood movie industry at Post Mango studio. Passionate about image and motion, Cristiano knows how powerful it can be. He wants to apply the cinema enchantment to support Iridescent’s video library and help kids to find the pleasure of learning.


Board of Directors

Elyssa Elbaz manages the Elbaz Family Foundation, which supports environmental and educational causes. She is a former Assistant United States Attorney, where she was a member of the Violent and Organized Crime division. Prior to working as a prosecutor, she worked for the law firm of O’Melveny and Myers and clerked for a federal judge. She has also worked as a journalist for a number of newspapers and wire services in Los Angeles. Elyssa has a bachelor’s degree in Politics, Philosophy and Economics from Claremont McKenna College and a Juris Doctor from the UCLA School of Law. She serves on the following non-profit boards: the UCLA Law Alumni Board, the Claremont McKenna College Center for Human Rights Leadership, Whole Child Foundation, and X Prize (as the ethics chairperson). She is also a partner of Los Angeles Social Venture Partners.

Eva Ho As the VP of Marketing and Operations at Factual, Eva manages all aspects of the brand, insides sales, HR and finance. In 2008, she co-founded Navigating Cancer, a website and tools that empower cancer patients to navigate their best care. She is also very active in the non-profit sector, founding Whole Child LA in 2008, a community pediatric pain clinic, and sits on the board of First Descents and Iridescent. Prior, she was a Senior Product Marketing Manager at Google and Youtube for 5 years. Prior to Google, Eva was the head of marketing for Applied Semantics, a company that was sold to Google in 2003. Additional past employers include The Wilkerson Group, Procter & Gamble and IBM. Eva holds an MBA from the Cornell University Johnson School of Management as well as an AB in Biology from Harvard University.
Eva has a strong passion for providing underserved children, especially girls, with the knowledge base and toolset to become brilliant, capable, well-rounded engineers and scientists. When she saw firsthand the impact of Iridescent through the science centers and Technovation Challenge, it was a no-brainer to dedicate more energy and time behind this ultra-critical mission. She feels strongly that creative and effective STEM education to more children will be one of the key pillars that will drive accelerated innovation in the US and beyond. She is honored to be part of this amazing organization.

Donald Lacey is a Managing Director at Citigroup Global Markets Asia. He sits on Iridescent’s audit committee.
Don’s attraction to Iridescent stems from his belief that societies are best served by making educational opportunities as broadly accessible as possible. He is an enthusiastic supporter of Iridescent’s efforts to stimulate interest in science, engineering and mathematics in underserved communities.
Don is a magna cum laude graduate of Harvard Law School and studied mathematics and economics at MIT, where he received his SB. He commenced his career as an investment banker at Goldman, Sachs & Co.

Aniket Ullal is Senior Director at Standard and Poor’s, a division of The McGraw-Hill Companies. Aniket Ullal has over 10 years of experience in launching and managing knowledge based businesses. He currently has product management responsibility for S&P’s US Indices, including the widely tracked S&P 500 and S&P/Case-Shiller indices. He has also worked in McGraw-Hill’s education business, where he helped launch a successful online formative assessment product for school districts. Previously he has worked as a business development manager at Infosys Technologies and as a consultant with Andersen. He is a graduate of Mumbai University, the Indian Institute of Management (Ahmedabad) and Northwestern’s Kellogg School of Management

Dr. Chaitanya Ullal is a Researcher in Material Science at the Max Planck Institute for Biophysical Chemistry, Gottingen, Germany. Dr. Ullal is a graduate from MIT with a PhD in Materials Science and Engineering. He holds a B. Tech degree in Metallurgical Engineering and Materials Science from the Indian Institute of Technology (Bombay)and was a visiting researcher at Bell Labs (Lucent Technologies, Murray Hill, 2002-2003). Dr. Ullal has co-authored articles in leading peer reviewed scientific journals including publications from the Nature Publishing Group, American Physical Society, American Chemical Society, Optical Society of America, American Institute of Physics and the Wiley Publishing group. Dr. Ullal has 2 pending U.S. patents

Paul Yarin While growing up in New Jersey, Paul Yarin helped create the Young Inventors’ Club; this began his involvement in nonprofit science education. Paul is now an inventor, engineer, and educator whose passion is designing innovative electromechanical products. He is currently Director of Hardware Engineering at Oblong Industries, a computer tech startup developing a radically futuristic “spatial operating environment.” His consultancy, Blackdust Design, has developed an interactive trainer for laparoscopic surgeons, RFID-based medication trackers, networked devices for retail environments, and interactive sensors and displays for exhibits. Paul studied human-computer interaction at the MIT Media Lab after earning a Master’s in Mechanical Engineering from Stanford and a Bachelor’s from the University of Pennsylvania. He has taught at Stanford and UCLA as well as in Iridescent’s programs. His dream is that all children will one day have the chance to improve the world through invention.

Iridescent’s Inner Circle

Prof. Toby Cumberbatch, Electrical Engineering, The Cooper Union.
I was attracted to Iridescent because of the fantastic opportunities it presents for students and faculty at The Cooper Union to make a useful contribution to underserved kids in New York City. It is easy to forget that schools in the poorer areas of a large city frequently have access to far fewer resources than those in the more affluent areas. We do not have the financial resources to change the status quo but we do have people and knowledge. Through the Iridescent Engineers as Teachers program, we are able to show these kids and their families how exciting science and engineering are through Family Science Nights. More importantly, we form partnerships with these schools through which we are able to mentor and guide those interested in STEM.
In the longer term, I would like to develop teaching materials that can ultimately be used throughout the world in schools, which comprise no more than the shade of a tree and the natural resources at hand; materials that show children how exciting science and engineering are whilst enabling them to grasp the fundamental theoretical concepts. Through this, we all learn how to become better teachers, how to present complex material with simple experiments and clear exposition.
And of course I would like to see a society in which all kids have equal access to opportunity and resources! I believe that Iridescent has the opportunity to reinforce the idea that, given the right encouragement and access to resources, underserved kids in inner cities can aspire to the same dreams as those in the rich suburbs – and, in so doing, make the world a better and happier place.

Iridescent’s Family

We started in 2007 and wouldn’t have come so far if it wasn’t for the brave souls who believed in the vision and jumped wholeheartedly into battle.
Kara Christianson, VP (2007-2008)
Kara joined Iridescent after two years of teaching middle school math and science in Los Angeles with Teach for America. She worked with Iridescent to develop the Engineer training program, and to create stronger partnerships with area schools. After working with Iridescent, Kara moved to New York to join Uncommon Schools, a nonprofit organization that manages 30 high performing, college preparatory charter schools on the East Coast. Kara currently serves as the Senior Associate Director of Recruitment for all Newark and Brooklyn elementary schools in the Uncommon network.
Lindsey Jenkins-Stark, VP (2008-2009)
I joined iridescent to become part of a movement to inspire children to become something they didn’t know even existed, or didn’t know was within their reach: To be a scientist or engineer.
I learned so much about science, communities, and my own teaching in Iridescent. But most importantly, I learned how to communicate with people from very different backgrounds, and how to bring those people together to communicate with each other.
Sinchai Tsao, Director of Earned Income (2009-2011)
Kori Tsao, Researcher (2010-2011)
Erika Allison, Executive Director, Iridescent NYC (2010-2011)
Jennifer Hsu, Recruiting Director, Iridescent NYC (2010-2011)