Scientist and Engineer Engagement Director

Based in Los Angeles, CA

Iridescent is a science education nonprofit with a mission to inspire and equip underserved children to imagine and invent. We work closely with scientists and engineers to bring cutting edge science and engineering to underserved groups. We are deeply committed to these communities and work hard to build long lasting support infrastructures. We invite parents to come and learn alongside their children in our Family Science Courses.

The Science and Engineer Engagement Director will play a very key lead role. Iridescent has been in operation for 7 years, reaching more than 18,000 participants globally. We have a very clear sense of what works and doesn’t and where we are headed. We are at a very crucial point in our growth and are looking for a courageous and visionary leader. The graph below shows our history and projected growth (in terms of numbers).


The Scientist and Engineer Engagement Director will be responsible for executing on the following:

  • Train 150 engineers across the country.
  • Support the engineers to create content for the Curiosity Machine and teach local family science courses at elementary schools.
  • Curiosity Machine curriculum deliverables would include at least 60 Family Science activities and videos
  • Engage 20-30 scientists who will work with the Iridescent studio teams to develop week-long and month-long projects geared towards middle and high school students. (~ 60 videos)
  • Publish Making Machines books (in English and Spanish) based on existing templates

The ideal candidate will possess the following qualifications:

Skills required:

  • Science Communication to the Public: Ability to identify key points in a vast amount of information (for instance, identifying core ideas or the “why” in scientific papers) and to communicate them in engaging and creative ways with diverse audiences.
  • Curriculum Development: Develop creative, innovative curriculum that goes beyond the most obvious, “hands-on” projects that challenge children to develop a deep understanding of how the world works.
  • University partnership recruitment and engagement: identify and develop partnerships with university program administrators to train and develop students in a service learning capacity.
  • Professional recruitment and engagement: Identify and develop partnerships with S.T.E.M. technical professional associations, corporations and tech firms to recruit technical professionals as volunteer mentors to engage, teach and develop content for Iridescent programs.  Recruit industry technical leaders to serve as role models.
  • Program planning: Develop and manage annual programs in multiple locations from start through finish including budget development and management; data collection and impact assessment
  • Staff development/management: Manage and grow a national program with a virtual team. Develop and motivate staff in a high intensity environment.
  • Partnership development: Demonstrated record of building effective collaborations between and among organizations.  Proven ability to build and leverage relationships toward successful outcomes and build consensus even in the face of competing priorities, particularly in diverse settings

Preferred expertise:

  • Ability to explain complex ideas very simply (without making the ideas trivial)
  • High level of comfort with tinkering, building, hacking.
  • High level of comfort with technology
  • Existing network of relationships with high-level influencers in the education space, especially with university and school district leaders and/or funders
  • Demonstrated effectiveness in building successful partnerships, particularly with technical subject matter experts
  • Experience/comfort in working in a virtual team
  • Leading volunteers to achieve organizational goals
  • Demonstrated experience with evaluating program results and effectiveness
  • Effective written and verbal communication capabilities


  • B.S. or greater in science or other technical-related discipline and minimum 7 years experience.

To Apply:

Please complete the following screening task (here is our rationale on why we ask candidates to invest the time upfront)