Family Science Program Director

Based in Chicago

Iridescent is a science education nonprofit with a mission to inspire and equip underserved children to imagine and invent. We work closely with scientists and engineers to bring cutting edge science and engineering to underserved groups. We are deeply committed to these communities and work hard to build long lasting support infrastructures. We invite parents to come and learn alongside their children in our Family Science Courses.

The Family Science Program Director will play a very key lead role. Iridescent has been in operation for 7 years, reaching more than 18,000 participants globally. We have a very clear sense of what works and doesn’t and where we are headed. We are at a very crucial point in our growth and are looking for a courageous and visionary leader. The graph below shows our history and projected growth (in terms of numbers).

The Family Science Program Director will be responsible for executing on the following:

  • Conducting 30 Curiosity Machine Courses (each of 5 sessions) at schools in Los Angeles, New York City, San Francisco bay area and Chicago.
  • Conducting 60 Curiosity Machine Courses (each of 5 sessions) at partners such as libraries, after school programs, community centers and parks
  • Ensure at least 15 families (45 participants) at each session
  • Ensure at least 50% retention of participants across the sessions
  • Transition 50% of total participants onto the Curiosity Machine platform.
  • Lead our NSF Be a Scientist! project in Los Angeles and New York City.
  • Develop a model that captures the key variables and weighting factors that leads to desired outcomes (such as long term STEM exploration at home) (here is our first attempt at trying to develop a model for our technovation challenge program)

This role is a very crucial one as it requires:

  • masterful planning skills
  • ability to execute complex projects nationwide
  • having the courage to try innovative solutions and withstand failure. The obvious solution to reaching more participants is to hire a larger team. Iridescent is looking for real visionaries who will look beyond the obvious solutions that push the needle only gradually.
  • determine barriers to adoption
  • understanding of human psychology (what it takes for people to move far outside their comfort zone). This is essential as you will need to recruit hundreds of partner organizations as well as support thousands of individuals to engage in activities that are uncomfortable to them (at first).
  • comfort with data analysis and pattern identification (i.e. what are some universal truths that go beyond culture, race, ethnicity etc)


  • B.S. or greater in education/child development or science related field and minimum 7 years experience leading or developing programs.

To Apply:

Please complete the following screening task (here is our rationale on why we ask candidates to invest the time upfront)

  • What Technovation Challenge program implementation strategies would you use to achieve the above outcomes?
  • Create a beautiful and convincing presentation (or slideshare) to communicate your plan.
  • Send your resume and cover letter to